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A new guide from Lonely Planet is here, and it is about the best cafés in the world. Three Hungarian coffee bars made it into the top 150, reports.

The edition is called Lonely Planet’s Global Coffee Tour, A Taster’s Guide to the World’s Best Coffee Experiences, which is a follow-up to another hugely popular guide, the Global Beer Tour. This one features espresso bars, plantation tours, urban roasteries and some popular cafes.

The Global Coffee Tour lists 150 coffee places from 37 countries. Three of those cafés are located in Budapest.

The Madal Cafe

Madal Cafe was one of the first new wave coffee bars in 2013. Since then they have opened two other bars in Budapest. The Lonely Planet reports about the one located at 3 Hollán Ernő street, 10 minutes away from the Parliament. This Café welcomes coffee lovers with a vegan pasta bar. Their other two locations are on Alkotmány Street and at Ferenciek Square.

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As the Nordic-inspired décor suggests, the beans mostly come from Scandinavia. The guide highlights a special coffee drink called the Roket; a nitro powered cold brew in Kontakt café. If you are tired of the traditional iced coffee, come and try out the Roket. They are located at 22 Károly Boulevard, Budapest.

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My Little Melbourne

The My Little Melbourne coffee bar was inspired by the Australian coffee culture. It is a small place with a busy terrace, located at 3 Madács Imre Street. The Lonely Planet mentions the Brew bar right next door that holds trainings. They also organise special events, when the so-called cupping is hosted, and you can try any coffee you want. Besides coffee, the shop provides teas, chai lattes, juices, fizzy drinks, sandwiches, bakery products and Anjuna Pops cakes.

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There are so many other fascinating coffee bars in Budapest that did not make it to the list. Which one is your favourite? Whether you want a quick espresso or a more complicated, aesthetically pleasing unique coffee drink, you will find a place that is perfect for you. Check out our earlier articles about some of the best coffee bars with different atmospheres:

5 Unique Cafes to Try in Budapest

If you are an animal lover, check out the popular animals cafés, or if you want a literature themed café, visit some of these.

The Global Coffee Tour also talks about the history of Hungarian coffee making. It starts with the Turkish occupation, goes on to talk about the opening of the first cafés, the coffee drinking trend of the socialism and the trendy coffee drinks of the 21st century. Although all the Hungarian cafés the guide lists are in Budapest, it also mentions that there are similar coffee bars in Pécs, Szeged, Debrecen and Eger.

The Lonely Planet’s Global Coffee Tour is like a tour guide; it suggests tourist attractions close to each coffee bar, like the synagogue on  Rumbach Sebestyén Street or the Flipper Museum in district 13.

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