According to, the Budapest City Council approved the proposal by which electric cars with green license plates and hybrid cars can park for free in the whole territory of Budapest.

The amendment of the assembly decree on the regulation of parking was initiated by Gabor Tamas Nagy (Fidesz-KDNP), mayor of the 1st district. The aim of the amendment is, in accordance with the Jedlik Anyos Action Plan approved by the government, to help the spread of electric vehicles.

From July 1, the concept of the environmentally friendly vehicle appeared in the Hungarian regulation. According to the Ministry of National Development regulation, the following vehicles can apply for green license plates:

  • the pure electric cars
  • the plug-in hybrid cars which can go at least 25km in electric mode
  • hybrid cars with an increased range which can go at least 50km with electric drive
  • other zero-emission-vehicles

In addition to the free parking rules, the proposal, which was approved unanimously, also covers that electric charging stations located in the capital can only be used for the time and purpose of charging by the green-license-plate cars.

The Budavar local government – one of the first in the country – made parking and electric charge available for free. Other districts have also joined the initiative since.

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