There are more and more cafés in Budapest where, besides sitting back and sipping a delicious coffee or tasting a dessert, customers can enjoy the company of animals, as well. But how would you react if animals like cats, dogs or more exotic ones would approach your table while you eat or drink? And what effects do these cafés have on humans and animals? In the following, we are going to see some of these cafés and figure out why they enjoy such great popularity in Budapest.

1. Zoo Café

Zoo Café was opened in 2014 with the aim of bringing animals and humans together in the heart of Budapest where there are only restricted opportunities for keeping animals. The restaurant provides the opportunity for organising birthday parties, gatherings and special events. Kids can get to know these animals within the framework of informative games with the help of the zookeeper. Furthermore, people can take photos with special animals like the huge arakanga on their shoulders.

A very sympathic thing about the message of the café is that they want families to have some practice with the animals before they decide to have one, as it is a great responsibility to make such a decision.

Because of the fact that the zookeepers are qualified professionals, they can answer to any questions related to the needs of the animals, their keeping and feeding.


The 5 missions of the Zoo Café are:

  • catering
  • presentation of the animals
  • organisation of events
  • responsible animal keeping
  • animal therapy

This place is well worth a visit if you look for something special.

2. Cat Café

The café was opened in 2013, and in 2017 it was among the best cat cafés in Europe. The atmosphere of the café is fantastic, because cats have their own playground where they can do whatever they like without being disturbed. This is one of the principles of the café; not to disturb the animals. As far as the history of these cafés are concerned, in Japan, for instance, cat cafés were created because the flats were too tiny for keeping pets even if people wanted to. But there is a real explanation for why people love these places so much.

Researches have proven that the purring of these animals between 40-120 Hz can reduce the blood pressure, strengthen the bones and relieve stress.

The 10 cats living in the café love socializing with others and approach the customers while they have a drink or a snack as if it was the most natural thing in the world. If you are a great fan of cats, this is a must place to visit.

When the visitors would like to sit down, but cats are the masters

3. Vasmacska KávéZoo

This café and restaurant can be found in Óbuda and this is a child-, animal- and dog-friendly place that means that any dogs are welcome.

Its website notes that it is like a small oasis in the city jungle, where not only dogs, but rabbits, chinchillas, guinea pigs and other animals can be seen.

This place also organises birthday parties, business gatherings or meetings of friends. It is a real restaurant, meaning that meals with weekly menus are offered, so this is a perfect place for a cozy lunch or dinner among animals.

facebook/Vasmacska KávéZoo
facebook/Vasmacska KávéZoo

4. Whiskers Cat Pub

This is the 1st cat pub of Central Europe opened after the rising popularity of cat cafés in Hungary. Upstairs, a special area is created for the 3 cats, where customers can stroke them, but of course, considerately. Drinks can also be taken upstairs because, thanks to the cup-holders placed for customers, visitors do not have to worry about cat fur falling into their drinks.

Besides the special beer offered in this place, cocktails like Meowito, Catuila sunrise, Catmopolitan, Swimming Cat and other similar creative drinks can be ordered.

facebook/Whiskers CAT PUB
facebook/Whiskers CAT PUB

The popularity of these cafés is undeniable and most people like them because of the close proximity of the animals.

Most of the respondents asked about these places pointed out that, as far as the hygienic conditions are given and the food and drinks are made in good circumstances, they do not find anything wrong with them.

Kids can get to know better the different species and the love for animals can be established at a young age. It is true, however, and some people also emphasized it, that the animals are not in their normal surroundings and the constant camera lenses following every movements they take and the stroking of them even when they do not want it might have disturbing effects on the animals.

And what about humans? Do we need the closeness of animals?

Most probably yes, sometimes more than the closeness of another human being. A pet can be affectionate, honest, loyal and consistent. They can interpret human signals and body language and understand in some way our own feelings.

It is, thus, unsurprising that animal-assisted therapies are part of medical treatments. Dogs and cats in hospitals change people’s attitude and bring positive thoughts and joy into their lives.

In an animal café, people feel more liberated and not so conscious, because the place mirrors a natural surrounding, like being at home. Everyone agrees on, however, that animals in cafés are only acceptable if the circumstances for the well-being of the animals and the relaxation of the customers are given and the two are respected from both sides. Fortunately, all of the above-mentioned cafés in Budapest attempt to create these circumstances and cause unforgettable moments for the visitors.

Featured image: facebook.com/ZooCafé

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