In this dreadful autumn weather, there is nothing better to do than to get cosy somewhere indoors and have a hot beverage. Here are 4 heart and soul warming cafés in downtown Budapest that are just perfect for that purpose. The list starts with the cheapest and ends with the pricier places, but the quality is really good in all of these four cafés in Budapest.

Műhely Egyetem Café

Műhely (‘workshop’ in Hungarian) Egyetem (university) café can be found near Astoria (Múzeum krt. 6-8) within the walls of ELTE’s Faculty of Humanities. It is situated underground, which adds to its unique atmosphere.


Although this café is designed specifically for, and is always full with university students, I think this wonderful place is worth exploring by anyone who wanders the streets near Astoria, looking for a place to grab a good cup of coffee.

Műhely opened in 2014 and has similar vibes to the ruin pubs of Budapest.

Besides drinking reasonably priced quality coffee, customers can also grab something to eat from the wide selection of sandwiches, salads or pastries. They have non-dairy, gluten free and sugar free options too.


Fekete (black) is a café right across the street from the campus of ELTE’s Faculty of Humanities (Múzeum krt. 5.). This café has a spacious area for customers who would like sit down and drink their coffee in peace, but it also has a separate, much smaller area which serves takeaway only, if one is really in a hurry.


Fekete has a really fresh and modern atmosphere which is very attractive not only to 20 somethings but to coffee lovers of all ages. The café offers nice breakfast options as well.

The Sweet by Vintage Garden

This place looks absolutely beautiful. The Sweet by Vintage Garden is also located near Astoria (21 Dob Street) and it is one of the most adorable places I have ever had coffee in. The appearance might be more attractive to females, but the quality coffee and the huge selection of cakes and cookies tempt all genders.

The Sweet by Vintage Garden


Ecocafe is located at 68 Andrássy Avenue, and it is a specialty café where at least 95% of the products are certified organic and most of them are also fair-trade and local products. The coffee here might be the priciest, but it tastes and looks amazing.


Ecocafe promotes environmental awareness, so most of the things they use are made from recycled materials and even the soap you wash your hands with in the toilet is biodegradable.

If you would like to have a nice cup of coffee and feel good about yourself for doing something for the environment, this is the place to go. The café has a minimalistic, yet comfortable atmosphere which is perfect for sinking into our own thoughts with a cup of coffee in our hands.

In Ecocafe, one might have a chance to bump into celebrities. The café is quite popular among Hungarian celebrities, but Ashton Kutcher and Keira Knightley also had a cup of coffee in this place before.

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