E-commerce has made its way into people’s lives and has spread like fire over the past few years.

Online shopping is a fun activity, which is why the number of buyers on the internet is on a constant rise. People enjoy clicking away sitting in their armchairs and buying things they need or want.

They don’t have to step out of their homes to get what they want. They can order it with just a few clicks and the items are delivered to them within a few days. The ease is unmatchable.

However, not everyone enjoys their online shopping experience. Some end up being scammed while some receive broken or damaged goods. Here are some tips to ensure you enjoy your online shopping experience:

1# Go through product details – ALWAYS!

Most of us tend to leap for the product that looks best in the image displayed. We admire the product and often don’t even consider checking out the products details.

The image is often enough for us to make our decision. While it may sound like an easy way to shop, the truth is that it is a grave mistake.

Products may not always be how they appear in photos. Most items come with this warning which is why it is important to look at the description that will answer all your questions.

The descriptions are there to tell you exactly what the product weighs, measures and is made of. They give you the precise idea of what you can expect when you receive the product.

2# Go through product reviews

Another thing you must remember to read through when shopping online is the reviews.

Customer reviews can help you understand how good or bad a product is. They are written by real buyers and include their experience. While there are testimonials as well, they are often not reliable since many buyers get paid reviews to make their product look more impressive.

You can, however, check reliable sites that are known for providing true information.

3# Beware of online scammers

Frauds and cons are everywhere. They are even more common online. Sellers often fake identities to scam people. Always remember to be aware of them when shopping online. You don’t want to spend your precious dollars and get nothing delivered to you in return.

There are also scammers who make use of your personal information and even steal identities. Your credit card details, for example, may get in the wrong hands if you land on such a website.

Be sure to remember to use only use trusted sites and shy away from sharing your personal details with someone you do not trust.

4# Check the shipping costs

According to reports, free shipping is the most attractive feature an online store can offer. In fact, about 70% of buyers agree that they’ll spend more in order to avail free shipping. However, despite this, not all stores offer free shipping which is why you need to be aware of shipping costs when shopping online so that the final bill does not end up surprising you.

5# Check for exchange/refund policies

One of the most important things you should always remember when shopping online is to check for the exchange and return policy on the website.

Some websites do not entertain exchange or refund, while others do. It’s very important to be aware of these details so that you do not end up in a mess in case you decide to exchange or return the product for any reason.

Go through the policy in detail and ask questions if the information is not clear.

6# Beware of spending impulsively

Being an impulsive buyer can cause you to spend on things you don’t even need. Many online stores use the ‘Also’ or ‘Suggestions’ feature to push you into buying things. Some even offer discounts as people are more likely to buy a product if it’s offered at a discount.

Don’t buy anything impulsively just because it looks nice. After you are done adding things to the cart review everything before you check out.

Check the cart for things you might have added without any need. Delete all the unnecessary items and proceed with the items that are important.

7# Look out for promotions and coupons

When shopping online you can benefit tremendously from deals and discounts. Remember to look out for promotional deals and coupons advertised on the homepage of an online store. Make use of them and save yourself a handful of dollars while shopping.

You may also Google for discount codes and coupons to enjoy discounts. Moreover, many companies even offer discounts on apps so make sure to do a bit of research before you make an online purchase.

8# Consider the shipping time

You really like that pretty red dress and you want to wear it at a party next week. You buy it online and wait for it the whole week, but it doesn’t get delivered on time. This will not only ruin the party but also ruin your mood.

Some companies work with reliable shippers like Fbabee and some work with other agencies. While the shipping company they partner with shouldn’t be of much concern to you, you should still make it a point to ensure the item gets delivered on time.

Keep these simple things in mind and you will enjoy online shopping even more.

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