Crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo are hugely popular today.  We’ve personally worked with clients that have been funded over $100,000, one even exceeded a million.  So, these are great opportunities if you have a new product or new service that you’d like to get funding for  but how do you market for it?  Well, let’s break down eight tips on how you can really build up your Kickstarter and Indiegogo marketing campaign. 

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1. Create some exceptionally strong videos

Video is such a huge part of these campaigns and the success of them.  In fact, when you go to a Kickstarter page, for example, the video is really the anchor of the page.  And so it’s super key. 

You need to develop a two to three-minute video that tells your story, really breaks down the product, and is inspiring to a certain extent to motivate somebody to be inspired to fund that project. 

And so come up with a really good base line video and then, from that, really come with a series of short videos that you can use for video ads  leading up to the campaign.  These can be just short,  really 15 to 30 seconds videos maybe even shorter,  that you can use on social media  as part of a drip campaign of videos series  that you can advertise to  and also re-market to people  that are interested in the project or campaign for aliexpress best sellers. You can drip on them with those videos.  So you’re going to want one really great base line video and then probably anywhere from two to five short little videos that are like mini trailers or mini commercials  for the campaign. 

2. Great product photography, if it’s a product that you sell

This is key.  You want to look professional, you want to have some beautiful photography that you can use for social media posts  and whatnot leading up to the campaign.  But then on also on your project page, you want to integrate it with great photography along the page  below your main line video there  and so work on that.  If you don’t have a prototype, work on a 3D render.  So you have a 3D render of your product  and you can put it in all these different places  and really cool experiences,  lifestyle type photography that you can use on social media  and through your pre-campaign advertising  to really catch somebody’s eye and get them excited. 

3. Spend a lot of time on your project landing page

On Kickstarter, for example, there’s going to be other projects trying to fund right at the same time.  You’re competing against them to a certain extent so spend some time on your landing page.  More so than just the video we talked about and the photography, really sink your teeth into the content.  Write up some great content, break down the product, how to’s, FAQs, just try to think of everything.  If your landing page could be your 24/7 salesperson  that never calls in sick that can sell  a thousand people at the same exact time,  what would you want it to say?  That should be on your content page.  So spend some time on getting that right. 

4. Build your email list up

This is absolutely crucial.  This is really what the pre-marketing campaign is.  It’s asking people to subscribe to be alerted when your project goes live.  So when you’re doing online advertising and social media advertising and all these things,  say they give us your email and what we’ll do  is we’ll let you know when this project goes live.  If they watch the video, if they saw some product photography,  if something got them excited,  hopefully they subscribe, right?  It doesn’t necessarily mean they have to fund but hey this is interesting to me  maybe I do want to be alerted about this. 

What you want to do for that pre-campaign  is build up your list as huge as you possibly can  because when the campaign goes live,  you’re going to want to blast that list  so that people come in  and start immediately funding it. 

This is going to push your project to the top  on sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo  cause they’re going to see the velocity  of funding for your project  and you’re going to be maybe highlighted  as like the project of the day  or the project of the week.  It’s going to get people excited.  To do that, though, you need a lot of traffic  to go into the page at one time  and you do that with building a huge email marketing list. 

5. Doing a press release

Think about new agencies and outlets and media outlets  that you can get your campaign out in front of  before you go live.  Get the news out, get the word out  about this thing that you’re doing that people  can get excited and get behind and start funding.  The more awareness, the better.  And so a press release is a great way to do that. 

6. Determine your pre-campaign budget

And so what are you going to invest in your marketing campaign leading up to going live  with your project? 

What I would recommend is 20% of your funding goal.  So if your funding goal was $100,000, invest $20,000 in marketing.  What you’re going to want to do there is you’re going to want to start marketing your campaign  anywhere from three to six months in advance to going live.  Start doing online advertising.  Start thinking about the ad channels that make the most sense for you, like dropship spy. Or is it Facebook, Instagram?  Is it some digital TV stuff, YouTube?  Where is your potentially customer and funder living right now in the digital world?  And get in front of them.  And so invest money in doing that for three to six months leading up to the launch  and all along the way,  you’re collecting email addresses.  That’s really what you’re paying for.  And then, once you go live, Boom!  Those people come in and they start funding.  If you could spend $20,000 on marketing to make $100,000 on funding, would you not do it?  And so that’s what you need to do is think about what that budget is. 

7. Make sure you look good and have a strong presence on social media

A lot of people are going to do social proofing, you know, as part of the discovery process, maybe I’m not sure if I want to fund this. 

Their landing page looks good, the video looks good, but let me take a peek on social media.  If you have no presence there, if there’s no real content you’ve posted, it’s probably not going to be too exciting for them, right?  But if you look active on social media or you’re responding to people,  looks like you’re really on top of things,  they’re going to be more motivated to take that next step .  So be active on social media. 

8. Make sure that you have a team and technology in place to execute these campaigns

It takes work.  It takes work to create these videos.  It takes work do the product photography  and write the content  and manage the online advertising.  So look for a team that going to be able to execute  upon this if you don’t have one now.  Solutions like SaleSource takes care of that.  And then the tools you need to be successful.  You’re going to obviously need a CRM  to collect all these email addresses,  an email marketing tool to email all of these folks.  You’re going to want to nice website, as well,  that people can do research on.  You’re going to want to be active on social media.  There’s a lot of moving parts here. Make sure that somebody is responsible  for doing these things  and you have a team of people  in charge of executing a winning campaign.

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