Lake Balaton kató alpár
Photo: Daily News Hungary – Alpár Kató

Lake Balaton is one of the most popular summer destinations in Hungary. The lake has many faces, offering an endless variety of leisure activities. There is a place for everyone: quiet towns with grassy beaches, pulsating festivals with concerts and booze, and always great wine and amazing food.

Drone shots

These beautifully shot drone videos will definitely get you into the mood! In this video, you can see shots of Keszthely, Balatongyörök, the Szigliget castle, and Balatonrendes. The shots from above are also helping us grasp how huge lake Balaton really is, and how much there is to see.


Breath-taking sunsets

A group of friends travel around Hungary. After visiting the capital, they stop at lake Balaton to look at the sunset, which they describe as: “The sunset is ridiculous. It is something that we would compare to things we’ve seen in Asia. IT’s not something that you would compare to Eastern Europe. This is another world away. Not something that we have seen so far on this trip.”


I am sure you all know about the famous lángos by now. Few people know that lángos is a very typical food in the Balaton region. It used to be a food that every Hungarian associated with long summer days and the lake. You have not tasted real lángos until you had one from an incredibly small and suspicious-looking bodega on the beach.


Wine, wine, wine

There is no place in this country where you cannot try the fantastic Hungarian wines. The Balaton Wine Region is one of the most famous wine regions of the country. The huge vineyards are located on the hills and mountains of the Northern side of Lake Balaton. One of the most popular wine destinations at Balaton is Badacsony.



I have never been a camping person, but if you are into it, Balaton is definitely the place for you. There are dozens of camping places along the lake; some are even directly at the beach. Take a look:

Peace and quiet

If you are already exploring lake Balaton, it is definitely worth the short trip to visit Hévíz. Hévíz is famous for its Thermal Lake, which is the biggest curative thermal lake in Europe. The 38-degree-hot water does not fall under 20-22 degrees, not even in the coldest months of the year.


Music festivals

Among the foreign youth, lake Balaton is definitely not known for its peaceful beaches, and quiet towns, but rather for the amazing festivals that are organised here every summer. The biggest of them being Balaton Sound.



Source: Daily News Hungary; YouTube

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