NlCafe reports that a 99-year-old Szekler woman may become a Hungarian citizen for the third time in history. She has recently applied for Hungarian citizenship in Barót (Baraolt), Romania.

Julianna Kolumbán was born on February 26, 1918. She first lost her Hungarian citizenship after the Treaty of Trianon, which she later got back in 1940 just to lose it again in 1945. She said she has been planning to apply for Hungarian citizenship for long. Her grandchildren live in Hungary; because of them does she undertake the procedure.

“It doesn’t matter that I am old, but I want to be a Hungarian citizen once again. I encourage more and more people to be citizens of Hungary” – she added. Julianna is in her 100th year and is very healthy. As she claimed, she is still going out to work in the field, and she is also proud of her beautiful kitchen garden.

Julianna’s case is not the only one

There are 83 people of Erdővidék (historic region of Transylvania), who have applied for Hungarian citizenship. One of them is the 93-year-old Géza Tókos, who has also served as a Hungarian soldier. He applied for the citizenship because he always felt Hungarian, and it has been his dream for a long time.

During the consular days, organized in many of the small regions, people can apply for Hungarian citizenship, receive certain certificates, report birth, marriage, death and divorce, and also apply for passports on the basis of a discussion in advance.

Simplified naturalization

Simplified naturalization has been available in Hungary since 2010. The requirements are, for example, to have Hungarian origins, know the Hungarian language, having no criminal records, and not being under prosecution. clearly emphasizes that people without a grounded knowledge of the Hungarian language should not apply for the process of simplified naturalization, because they must arrange everything independently, and answer questions in Hungarian. Applicants must also be aware that this simplified process does not result in a Hungarian passport. Passport is a matter of further applications.

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