There is a three-storey underground garage the square built by the West Hungária Bau Ltd. while the new square is the work of the Penta Ltd. The garage has been built since 2016, the square was started in May, last year.

In the three-storey, wheelchair accessible underground garage there are 525 parking lots, and even bicycles can be placed there along with electric vehicles each receiving a private charging station. Furthermore, there is a carwash in the building, as well – wrote.

Regarding the earthwork, 75 thousand cubic metres of soil was exploited and the roof of the garage was covered with a 2.5 metres thick layer of dirt to grant the plants optimal circumstances to grow there.

new square budapest
Photo: MTI/Balaton József

In the second phase of the project, the whole square was renewed on 9,800 square metres. Not only the pavements and the roads but also the environment of the statue of Archduke Joseph, Palatine of Hungary (1776-1847) dominating and decorating the square were uniquely rebuilt. 

In the Northern part of the square, the green territory was decorated by a Herendi tree of life. The 2.8 metres high tree has been placed in a pool and its fruits are lighted from inside – reported. Not only its dimensions and technology but also its Rothschild pattern decoration is unique, showing a bird couple being a symbol inherence from the ancient times.

In the Southern part of the square, there is a copy of the famous and 130 years old fountain of Herkulesfürdő/Băile Herculane (Romania) built by the Zsolnay Porcelain Manufacture. Its style is neo-Renaissance and was built of 56 pyrogranite elements. Pyrogranite is one of the factory’s trademarks and it survives every challenge of the weather. 

new square budapest
Photo: MTI/Balaton József

Promenades lead to these two beautiful decorations surrounded by original and unique paving blocks. 

Drinking fountains have been placed on the square, as well, and there are three large grass surfaces on an altogether territory of 1,500 square metres. Moreover, 54 trees and a lot of bushes were placed there. 

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