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Imagine what the illiberal democracy in Hungary looks like through the eyes of a foreigner and how this whole situation would work as a video game. A 60 minutes long Czech documentary presents exactly this to us, says Index.

The everyday life in Hungary inspired Illusion, directed by Kateřina Turečkov. The movie is structured like a video game: the anger meter rises as we have to decide whether we will stay in the queue or we will help our sick father, etc. At the end of the below trailer, participants can shoot a statue about the head of the Hungarian prime minister, Viktor Orbán, if they reach the peak of their anger.

Illusion was recently screened at the 22nd Ji Hlava International Documentary Film Festival, while one of the best entertainment trade magazines, Variety published an interview with Turečková. She told Variety

she lived in Hungary for ten months, and she knew immediately after the first that she could not stay here.

One of her friends studied at the Central European University, and when the government started to pester it they realised the demonstrations are in vain, nothing can be done in order to save the institution.

She says with the help of the video game form the protagonists remained anonymous because she did not intend to give any hint for the government in order not to be bothered. She secretly shot some parts of the movie in hospitals as well with a GoPro. She claims she was terrified after all these because “the army guards hospitals”.

Turečková told the magazine about the last scene as well where they shoot Viktor Orbán’s statue with real weapons. The director mysteriously said that one particular authority learnt about the scene and asked her to cut that part out.

“I know this is hard, but we live in a democratic system, while they do not. We cannot accept this.”

says her mentor.

A similar scene can be found in a Hungarian film, Zero, although Gyula Nemes, the director of the movie obscured the prime minister’s face for the Hungarian premiere so that he could not be identified that easily while being shot.

Illusion did not receive any awards at Ji Hlava.

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Source: index.hu

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