CityRocks performing at KecskemétRocks. Source: CityRocks Youtube Channel.

After debuting last year on the main square of Szeged, the 400 musicians who made up the CityRocks group at the time never dreamed of becoming a huge hit on the internet.

As reported by, this September, at an event called KecskemétRocks in Kecskemét, the band – whose number of members swelled to over 500 – performed together and in sync a range of songs, both in Hungarian and in English.

The production stage of the recordings was only completed this month and the music videos were released on the 8th of October.

Thanks to the internet, their work was quickly spread across the world. Media outlets that are accessible in multiple languages – such as Euronews and Youtube – played a big role in contributing over 5.5 million views to their videos overall already.

Currently they have full music videos for three songs: Enter Sandman by Metallica, Personal Jesus by Depeche Mode and Mielőtt Elmegyek by Bikini.


However, they have also released a compilation video of various songs, which includes We Will Rock You by Queen and Joan Jett’s I Love Rock and Roll. They might release additional music videos for these, putting their tally of songs to 5. Is a possible album and DVD on the cards?

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Featured image: CityRocks Youtube Channel.


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