The movie will be screened this Friday on the M5 channel of public broadcasting. The Pursuit of Piedone is a portrait movie showcasing Carlo Pedersoli’s oeuvre and exceptional personality.

The creation, which M5 will air on 23rd November from 20:55 UTC, introduces the lesser-known side of the water polo player who became a famous and successful actor – can be read on

The movie was in production for four years. Levente Király, the director, shot the film in four countries, with forty contributors. His family, actor colleagues and sports colleagues have also aided him in his work.

Hungarians commemorated Bud Spencer with a statue in Budapest.

You can buy the famous Buggy from Terence Hill himself

The popular actor is doing charity in Hungary. On 16th February, Terence Hill will come to Hungary again, this time as a guest of honour of Guido & Maurizio De Angelis’s concert. Before the event, Terence Hill will host an auction – reported

The object of the auction is nothing else than the famous Dune Buggy, which is exactly like the one in Watch Out, We’re Mad. The money from the auction will go to a good cause as they donate it to improve the equipment of the Heim Pál National Paediatric Institution.

During the campaign, Terence Hill has made an appearance in the hospital during one of his secret visits to Hungary. He said that both the children and the employees were very welcoming towards him.

You can watch a video about Terence Hill’s visit to Hungary HERE.

The auction starts on 1st December on THIS site, and Terence Hill will announce the name of the winner during the concert.

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