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WOW! Terence Hill comes to Budapest on Thursday and anybody can meet him! – videos

WOW! Terence Hill comes to Budapest on Thursday and anybody can meet him! – videos

He published a video on his Facebook page in which he says in Hungarian that he comes to Budapest. According to his post, his fans can meet him in front of and in the Corvin cinema before 8 pm and later in the Syma Sports and Conference Centre – reported In fact, the film legend comes to Hungary to promote his new film, My name is Thomas.

Hill invited his fans in Hungarian

As we already reported, Terence Hill directed My Name is Thomas, portrays the lead, and has also written the film’s script. According to the production’s IMDb page, it will be a drama that guides viewers through

Thomas’ self-discovery in the Spanish deserts.

The film’s distributor shared a little more about the plot: Thomas sets off in Italy to find himself on his Harley Davidson, eventually ending up in Spain. You will not miss the fights that are characteristic of his films, that is all we know at the moment.

Here you can watch the trailer for the movie:

Now Terence Hill comes to Hungary to promote his new film on Thursday and allows his fans to meet him. The premiere of the film starts at 8 pm in the Corvin cinema and those interested can meet the star in front of the cinema before the movie and in the cinema. Later, those who bought a ticket to watch the movie can meet him at the Syma Sports and Conference Centre. Importantly, he highlighted that he will wait until the end of each screening. Then he will he go the Syma so everybody will have a chance to meet him. Furthermore, those who are luckier can

even take a selfie with him.

However, it is very important that without a cinema ticket for the film no one can enter the Syma.


Kedves Magyar Rajongóim , Filmszerető Emberek!Csütörtökön a Corvin mozi előtt és a Corvin moziban is találkozhattok velem az esti filmvetítés alkalmából, amely 20 órakor kezdődik. A délutáni vetítéseken és a többi moziban történő vetítéseken idő hiányában nem fogok tudni ott lenni, de este találkozzunk a Syma csarnokban , ahova a bármelyik moziban megvett(Nevem: Thomas című filmre) jegyekkel tudtok bejönni. Fontos! A mozijegy megléte szükséges a beléptetéshez a Syma-ba. Az összes mozi vetítésének a végét megvárom és azt követően érkezem a Syma-ba, hogy minden mozinézővel tudjak találkozni. Persze meg kell értsétek, hogy nem fogok tudni mindenkivel kezet rázni és selfizni, de már az is szerencsés, hogy fogunk tudni találkozni és nem csak egy moziban leszek így jelen. Várom a találkozást , nézzétek meg minél többen a filmet!HTTPS://WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/ROMISMOZI

Közzétette: Terence Hill – 2018. szeptember 17., hétfő

Hungarians like Terence Hill and Bud Spencer very much reported before that Terence Hill met his Hungarian voice, László Újréti for the first time ever in Rome this September. In fact, the Hungarian actor borrowed his voice 150 times to the legendary film star. Reportedly, they will meet again in Hungary on Thursday in Budapest.

Terence Hill

Terence Hill and his Hungarian voice László Újréti. Photo:

Interestingly, in Cegléd there was a Bud Spencer Terence Hill Festival in June with many activities and contests related to the franchise. For example, there was a beer and sausage contest, running match in Puma tyres and, of course, everybody could taste the famous Bud Spencer style beans with onion.

Terence Hill

A photo from the festival. Source:

In Hungary, Bud Spencer and Terence Hill are very famous and loved. Thus, it is not surprising that, as we reported, after Bud Spencer passed away

Hungary was the first country to mount a statue in honour of him.



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