A man attacked a policeman with a machete at the Northwest Hungarian village, Abda. The police shot the attacker, who suffered severe injuries and died on the scene.

According to the Police report –

On Sunday evening, around 6:30 pm., the local ambulance called the police to ask their help in transporting an aggressive patient to the hospital. On the site, policemen saw that the man in the house was holding a bushwhacker sword; therefore, they warned him to put it down. However, the man started to attack the backing police officers and blew on the head of one of them with a sword in front of the house.

As the Hungarian new portal Index describes – despite repeated exhortation, the man continued to step up aggressively against police officers who finally made a target shot at him. The man suffered such severe injuries that he died on the scene. The attacked policeman was immediately taken to hospital.

Circumstances are still examined by the Central Investigating Chief Prosecutor’s Office.

According to Kisalföld, the policeman is in stable condition. Prof. Attila Oláh, Director of Petz-hospital in Győr said that –

“He suffered a head injury, the wound has been treated; healing period of the injury is over eight days. He will be kept in the hospital for overnight observation.”

As 24.hu reports, Kisalföld journal spoke to a witness who was in the neighbourhood during the police action. “A neighbour invited me to his house, we were sitting in the garden, talking, few meters far from the police action. There was no time to get afraid, all happened so fast. First, we noticed that an ambulance arrived at the house around 6 o’clock in the evening. Soon after, a squad car appeared, two policemen got out of it and went to the next door.

In the next minute, we heard a huge roar and scream; one of the policemen rushed out bleeding from his head; ambulance men also started to flee; then, a policeman in the back – protecting his fellows – shot three times with his gun.

We got shocked sitting outside: we heard the policeman asking the mother why she did not mention that her son had a sword? “How could I know it?” – she replied.”

The man was treated at psychiatry

As the broken father said to Index– “My son made a stupid thing. This is what the police had to do”. He says that he has been living apart from his family for 23 years; on Sunday, his child living abroad informed him about the big trouble. He immediately went to Abda, he was the one who called the ambulance to the house; the mother got shocked, she is still being treated in hospital.

The father also revealed that his son was under psychiatric treatment because of schizophrenia and depression. The problem was that he did not accept his illness and did not take his medicines – this resulted in his outburst on Sunday as well. Previously, there had been such cases that he broke his phone or smashed the window – adds the father – but none of them were that serious.

Source: index.hu; 24.hu

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