According to, a Hungarian man was shot to death in the Pavia settlement of the Philippines at Sunday dawn local time. The 37-year-old Dániel Melczer was shot by his neighbour after they got into an argument, because the neighbour didn’t stop with his petards.

Melczer looked up the security guard of the residental community around half past midnight local time to tell him that the petards of his neighbour, Lucindo Lim bothered him. The guard went and told the neighbour off. But later he heard screaming and when he went back to the house he found the neighbour with a 45 caliber gun in his hand, which he confiscated.

Melczer’s cadaver was only found later, when his Hungarian fiancé woke up and didn’t find her partner in bed. That’s when she found the man’s cadaver. Their neighbour told the arriving policemen that he had shot the Hungarian man, because he lost his temper so much that he started kicking him.

The policem found seven cases at the location of the murder, so they are also investigating why the security guard didn’t call them immediately after confiscating the gun, and how he (along with the girlfriend of the victim) couldn’t notice seven shots.

The victim and his girlfriend have been living in the Philippines for two years, they run a restaurant in the city of Iloilo.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Hungarian Embassy in Manila tried to contact the partner of the victim, but they didn’t succeed. Also, they haven’t been able to communicate with the police yet.

However, Bors found out that the Hungarian man was among the most wanted Hungarian criminals. He used to work at a petrol station in Buda, but he somehow got into drug business. “His case was investigated by the police in Érd, and then tried at the Budapest Court after the prosecution accusation. This happened in the September of 2013. That’s the year when Dániel disappeared.” A warrant of arrest was ordered against him.

Blikk writes that according to the lawyer of the family, Dániel’s cadaver will be cremated and his fiancé will get his remains. The man’s family will arrive in the country in one week’s time. The lawyer also said that the murderer and his lawyer made an application for the possibility of release on bail. This will be discussed on Friday.

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