Olympic quality BMX track may be built in Budapest next year by the favour of FISE World Series and the Hungarian Cycling Association, reports sielok.hu.

After the event in August, next year the festival of extreme sports would be organised again in Hungary’s capital, so the two associations do all they can so that amateurs and professionals can train under the best possible conditions.

The plan was consulted at a professional workshop, where Alper Kasapoglu, Vice-President of the International Olympic Committee, was also present. According to the IOC representative, the future of Olympic Games is in extreme sports, and more and more games of this kind will be part of the Olympics.

Budapest may become a permanent host of the world cup series and festivals of extreme sports. The Hungarian capital was the second station of the FISE World Series. During the 3 days, competitions were organised in six types of extreme sports.

Encouraged by the success of the event, the organisers want to hold one of the rounds of the world cup in Budapest. They discussed the idea in the framework of a professional workshop with the representatives of the Hungarian cycling associations and the IOC.

One of the featured sports of FISE is the BMX freestyle park, which will be part of the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, besides skateboarding, so a number of countries and bicycle professional associations around the globe are investing in the construction of professional BMX trails, including the planned Budapest track.

The covered BMX park is planned to be built in the city centre, and the goal is to make it available for practice for both professional and amateur bikers, thus increasing Hungary’s chances in the Olympic Games.

What is FISE?

FISE (Festival International des Sports Extrêmes) organised its first extreme sports festival in 1997 in Montpellier with 100 competitors and 35000 viewers.  Through the years, more and more sports were included in the championship, by 2008, the event became a five-day festival. The world up tour spreading to more continents started in 2014, last year more than a million people watched FWS live.

Source: sielok.hu

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