As time goes on, since the ‘70s, fewer and fewer people have resided in a settlement in Somogy, but now it reached the point that not a single soul is living there anymore, points out

Somogyszentimre used to operate a national institute for training masters and had a working model farm with its own train station and hundreds of cattle who could drink there. However, the migration began in 1970, and after the change of regime in 1989, the land was purchased by an Austrian man, who only aimed to utilize the soil.

Therefore, the buildings started to deteriorate and by the time a new owner put himself into charge the breaking down was already irreversible. Currently, nothing else but huge plants and ruins of buildings can be found there.

Even the very last resident of Somogyszentimre was a man aged about 60, and now he passed away, hence, the place became uninhabited. Thus, the latest owner of the area decided to get the remaining buildings deconstructed, so in short time the settlement would completely fade away, saying goodbye to the maps.

Photo: Google Maps

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