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Serbian media reported that pirates in the Gulf of Guinea kidnapped seven people and one of them is the Hungarian Alekszandar Török born in Nagybecskerek, Serbia.

According to, Mr Török has been working on board of ocean cruisers for ten years. He finished his studies in Kotor, Montenegro and he was kidnapped from the Pacific Warden, the ocean cruiser of the American ExxonMobil. Before, he was working for the Mediterranean Shipping Company S.A. (MSC) which offers ship cruises.

One can ask why we call Mr Török Hungarian even though he was born in Serbia. This is because

more than 200 thousand Hungarians are living in Northern-Serbia.

They did not move there, but they were born there together with their ancestors since this territory was part of the Kingdom of Hungary until 1918. 

Mr Török, born in Nagybecskerek, talked about his life as a sailor serving on an ocean cruiser in the Serbian media many times, so he became a celebrity in the country. This is probably the reason why every Serbian television and newspaper reported about his kidnap in the Gulf of Guinea near Africa. 

Fortunately, he is already in his home with his family. He arrived home on November 23 and said to the Serbian media at the Nikola Tesla Airport in Belgrade that the attack of the pirates was horrible, but finally, he is safe, and he can go home. According to local newspapers,

he has nine lives like the cats

that he could survive the attack of the pirates. At the airport, his wife, Andrianna Pataki Török, and his children, Laura and Dávid were waiting for him.

Mr Török told that they are prepared for an attack and, of course, the crew knows what to do in such situations. However, this time, the pirates from an unconventional direction and so they could surprise the crew of the ship. They even managed to take control over the ship for a short time but, thanks to the men’s presence of mind, they could recapture the ship. Below is a report about what happened, unfortunately, in Hungarian:

This is not the first time that he gets in trouble. His close friends told that two years before his ship went missing but after a couple of days he was found and he returned to his family.


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