shared two videos in which a little Szekler (Székely) boy performs a well-choreographed folk-dance for his audience. Thousands have shared the videos in different social media platforms.

As musicians start to play their instruments, this young Szekler boy starts to dance in a delightful way. Indeed, folk-dance is in his blood.

When a musician plays the cymbalo, the violin, or the zither, a genuine Szekler starts to dance. Nothing proves this statement better than the videos circulating on the web about the folk-dance performances of this little Szekler boy.

A genuine Szekler gets everything from his mother’s breast milk that makes him Szekler. These people not only famous for their ingenuity, stubbornness, and hospitality, but also for their traditions in dance and music.

Tomika Mahovics, who is a few years old Szekler boy, regularly shows his talent in a traditional costume: in black leather boots and with a straw hat on his head. Look at how he raises his hat and extends his hand to the musician. It cannot be learned, this must be in his blood.

Since the first video appeared about him, Tomika Mahovics has become a big boy, but still maintains his adherence to folk-dance.

Watch the videos here

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