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It is eventful at the Erzsébet square: this week in the Design Terminal the region biggest 3D printing forum will be organized for the third time; in the beginning of June, the Brain Bar Budapest festival will be held for the first time where the relationship between a human and a machine will be discussed by inter-culturally famous commentators.

Could humans be replaced by machines? What means for a city to be successful? How the education, the medical science and the internet is changing due to the effect of technology? These are some of the questions which they will try to answer between 4th and 6th of June at the Brain Bar Budapest at Erzsébet square.
The event will be organized by the Design Terminál, the We Love Budapest and the Akvárium Club and its main sponsor is the Hungarian Telekom. The festival starts were the other technology theme festivals end: it examines what high tech meas to us, humans, how it effects our jobs, societies and our souls.

According to valasz.hu, such high-minded speakers will discuss the big questions in the theme of ethics, robotics, the big data and the urbanization, as Richard Florida (the author of The Rise of Creative Class which was a New York Times bestseller), Somlai-Fischer Ádám (a founder of the Prezi), Tina Saaby (the main architect in Copenhagen), Ken Goldberg (the most respectful professor of robotics) and Pia Mancini (the Argentinian activist, an electronic democracy advocate).

The Pallas Athéné Geopolitikai Alapítvány (PAGEO) will help hosting these highlighted intercultural speakers. The organizers thinks that it is important for secondary education students and high education students and for the lecturers to entrance for free to the event. For the Brain Bar Budapest, a 100 students and lecturers will get a free entrance by the help of the OTP Bank.

The Erzsébet square, more exactly the Akvárium Club will host the event between 14th and 16th of May. This is the biggest event in the Central East Europe in the theme of 3D printing, also the Budapest 3D Printing Days. The purpose of the Design Terminal’s event is to gather together the leaders who are involved in 3D printing, from the enterprises to the investors. Another purpose is to familiarize the audience with the new dynamic technology by giving them the opportunity to try out the newest 3D printers.

The 3D printing’s market is increasing by 3 billion dollars by year. The new technology will become cheaper and more effective in the next decade and it will change the whole industry , from design to the mass production and to medicine.

In 3D printing we can find promising Hungarian companies, such as the Leona3Do or the DOD3D start-up. Liszkai Tamás, the founder of the company, thinks that the first professional Hungarian 3D printer will be faster and cheaper than its foreign counterparts. The 3D Printing Days will be organized with the help of the Fablab Budapest, the FreeDee Printing Solutions, the Gigamax3D and the Varinex Kft.

based on the article of valasz.hu
translated by Andrea Tóth

Source: valasz.hu

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