writes that there are big similarities between the songs of Magdi Rúzsa and an Italian singer. Although, it is rather difficult to say when a song is surely stolen by another artist.

The songs in question are Szerelemes vagyok beléd by Magdi Rúzsa and Lotfi Begi, which was played quite a lot in the radio after it came out. The other song, which is suspected to have been made based on the Hungarian song, is Alessandra Amoroso’s track, called Comunque andare. This was released at least 3 years after Szerelmes vagyok beléd, but by 1.5 months it was downloaded more than 8 million times, and has become one of the most popular songs played by Italian radio and TV.

Index says that the two are really similar, but it is not considered a plagiarism if already a couple of sounds differ, so probably the Italian songwriter, Andrea Rigonat may have heard the Hungarian track in a radio, and liked it. The site also contacted Lotfi Begi to see what he thinks about the situation, and he admitted that the two sound similar, but would not take the case to court.

Below you can watch both videos, and decide for yourself whether they are indeed too similar or not.


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  1. The artists are being played here. There is very little similarity in video, style, singing, and pretty much everything else. They are both outgoing and lively to compare. The media orchestrators are simply trying to either popularize these two. I would laugh if i found the same media organization was running this media blitz. If the groups are talented, they wont need these media cohorts.

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