Turizmus.com reports that the mahogany boats of DUNARAMA do not operate in the winter season from 12 November, but thanks to the great number of travellers, they are closing a very successful term. Next year, the boats are going to continue their operation, but tourists should not give up the pleasure of taking a sightseeing cruise since DUNATAXI awaits everyone interested in private cruising in Budapest or the Danube bend.

The water service of DUNARAMA was started 6 years ago, and it was a long cherished dream of them to create the DUNATAXI, the custom-designed water limousins, that can operate during the whole year. They are suitable for the transportation of 12 people and bicycles, and they are heated in the winter season and airconditioned during the summer.

The underlying aim of the creation of these boats was to make the ports of Budapest and the nearby towns easily accessible for locals and tourists alike.


The company hopes that will be no drift ice this winter like last year so that DUNATAXI can operate without problems. A cruise with DUNATAXI is the perfect option for those who would like to explore the city and do the sightseeing by avoiding the long queues and the crowd. The water limousines can speed up to  50 km per hour, so any destination, including the nearby towns, is within easy reach. The cruising trip can suit anyone’s needs and is available anytime. During the trip, food and beverages can also be ordered just to make the trip more enjoyable.

The Szentendre tour is a popular one as it is only 30 minutes from Budapest.

The uniqueness of Szentendre, that it is located at the junction of Kőhegy in Pilis and the River Danube, is that it is only as far from the capital as to create its own tranquility and peace.

In December, there is an opportunity to visit the Christmas Fair in Szentendre with the DUNATAXI where, in peaceful surroundings, tourists can taste the local specialities and enjoy the unique atmosphere.


If there is a need for it, Visegrád can also be a destination of the cruise.

The town, known for its Citadel and its panoramic view over the whole Duna bend and the neighbouring mountains, is only a 1-hour-long journey from the capital.

But if you want to head more north, Esztergom is your destination. It is here that you can find the biggest catholic church and the Esztergom Basilica, the seat of the Catholic Church in Hungary, too.

Citadel of Visegrád MTI Fotó: Ruzsa István
Esztergom Basilica Photo: Wikicommons by Gábor Bejó

Be it daytime or night, a simple transfer or a cruise to a nearby town, a bachelor or a bachelorette party, DUNATAXI is the best choice. If you are interested, for more information, please visit the site of DUNATAXI here: dunarama.hu  or dunataxi.hu.

Photos: dunataxi.hu; MTI; commons.wikimedia.org

Source: turizmus.com; dunarama.hu; dunataxi.hu