Here is the Duna Taxi, the new water taxi service takes passengers to towns around Budapest. The water limousine can reach 70 km/h speed.

The Centre for Budapest Transport (BKK) has launched regular ships which can be used by transport pass holders on weekdays for free, and six years ago, the owners of Dunarama came up with the idea of a water taxi on the river Danube, but more and more companies realise that the Danube dividing Buda and Pest is an underutilized opportunity for transportation.


The Dunarama water limousine can reach 70 km/h speed, while the passengers can drink champagne in leather chairs. The company’s new idea, the design of which is based on their signature wooden ships, debuted this spring.


The blue and yellow DunaTaxi can transport 12 people and bicycles, and it reaches the towns around Budapest very quickly. Families or friend groups on a trip around the capital can be in Szentendre in half an hour, or in Visegrád in just an hour.

Szentendre Trip

The ships to Szentendre operate all year round, from Saturday to Monday, every day at 10:30am from the Dock 8A pontoon, and they depart from Szentendre at 2pm for the trip back.


Return tickets to Szentendre cost EUR 22.30, one-way tickets cost EUR 15.93.


Photos: DunaTaxi

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Source: Dunataxi

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