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The governorate of the Russian county Kaluga Oblast has made a long term investment deal with Sanatmetal’s Russian subsidiary, which is owned in 51% by the Sanatmetal Ltd. The investment is worth 220 million ruble, writes

The company will also be responsible for the building of a manufacturing unit in the city of Obninsk, and the factory will mainly make orthopaedic-, spinal and dental implants, and other implants to be used in traumatology. The project will approximately cost 900 million HUF, and will create 60 new jobs, the company added. The building of the unit will start in April 2016 and is expected to be finished by the end of 2016, or early 2017.

Sergey Cherpak, manager of Sanatmetal CIS, said that their goal is to be the dominant firm in the Eurasian market and with the help of this new investment the company will likely to produce the best implants in Russia. The manufactured goods will not only be made of high quality materials, but the manufacturing process will also be in accordance with the EU norms, such as having different ISO certifications.

The investment is an excellent opportunity for the Hungarian company to increase its presence in the market of medical products. Sanatmetal is a 100% Hungarian-owned company, and manufactures orthopaedic-, spinal-, dental and veterinary implants since 1967, and also implants used in traumatology, and hip and knee prostheses.

The Ltd. has subsidiaries in 35 countries, and is in partnership with several significant multinational companies that manufacture products used in traumatology and orthopedics. The Hungarian market leading company is present not only in European countries, but in America, in Asia, and in Arabic countries as well, and 66% of its revenue comes from export.

Photo: Sanatmetal Facebook page

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