Kálvin tér M4 metró állomás metro station

A Hungarian lady’s hand got stuck between the metro carriage and the platform on Friday afternoon at an M4 metro station. Even though the vehicle that operates driverless was about to depart, an ingenious passenger pushed the emergency button, and the carriage stopped. Dr Hunor Novák wrote about the details in his Facebook post.

The accident

Travelling by Metroline M4 in Budapest, dr Hunor Novák heard screaming around 3 PM on Friday afternoon. As he got off the metro carriage, he saw a senior woman with her right hand stuck between the train and the platform. Fortunately, passengers stopped the vehicle, and there was enough time to free the lady.

M4 metro station
Photo: https://www.facebook.com/Budapesti4Metro/

The solution

However, it was crucial to act as quickly as possible to let the blood circulate in the veins of the stuck arm. Without doing so, the arm could have been damaged seriously. Because it would have taken too long to wait for the firemen to lift up the carriage, people had to find a quicker and more creative solution. This was the time when

one of the courageous helpers gave body lotion to the doctor, and with the help of others, they managed to pull the lady’s arm out of the metro’s squeeze.

M4 metro tunnel
Photo: https://www.facebook.com/Budapesti4Metro/

The sad truth

Dr Hunor Novák also highlighted in his post how outrageous he thinks the useless “catastrophy tourists”  are, as he calls people taking pictures and videos about the incident instead of helping out. Many bystanders saw the accident and decided to record the scene so that they can write a post about it later. Furthermore, many witnesses did not help even when the doctor loudly asked them to do so. Fortunately, the ambulance arrived soon and took care of the injured woman.

Featured image: Wiki Commons by Budapestino BUD

Source: Facebook / Dr Novák Hunor

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