A few years ago, an Englishman died on a trip to Budapest. The Hungarian police concluded that it was an accident, but the British tabloid The Sun is now warning tourists of the dangers of Budapest, 24.hu writes.

In 2014, an Englishman died under unclear circumstances, possibly while involved with a Hungarian sex worker. The CCTV footage shows the man disappearing in a tenement house with a strange woman. The next day he was found dead, possibly thrown from the staircase, his phone and wallet taken away.

The Sun now returns to this case to warn people of the dangers of Budapest, or the “Bangkok of Europe”, as they call it, claiming that the city is full of sex workers who are counting on the money of drunken tourists.

The Sun warns of women who take advantage of drunk foreigners by bringing them to abandoned stairways near clubs and robbing them, often with the help of other men.

They also claim that the case of Paul Bush was quickly closed by the Hungarian authorities, and deemed an accident, although, neither a British coroner Sheriff Payne, nor a former Hungarian chief investigator, Tibor Teplán rules out the possibility of foul play.

Guests were drugged and robbed at a club in Budapest

Paul Bush came to Budapest with 11 of his friends in August 2014. The occasion was a bachelor party Paul organised for one of his friends, who was getting married.

Paul Bush was last seen by his friends on the dance floor. Later, a CCTV recording shows him entering a house on the Andrássy Avenue with a woman in white dress. A few minutes later, the woman was seen leaving the building. Bush was found dead at the bottom of a stairwell, with a broken vertebrae, and injuries to his neck and skull. The case was closed in 2015 and Paul’s death was deemed an accident.

The former investigator advises partygoers not to split up, even if they pick someone up, to watch out for their friends, and, if someone gets very drunk, take him or her home. They should only accept drinks they’ve seen opened, and they shouldn’t let strange women lure their friends away.

The article also mentions the problems drunken tourists often cause in Budapest. A bartender in Szimpla Kert says that many foreign partygoers “lose all inhibition” and “do stuff they would never do at home.”

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Source: 24.hu, thesun.co.uk

  1. So whats new there? this happens in every Capital city in the World.

  2. I wonder if the British tabloid The Sun is now warning tourists of the dangers of certain places in London too, ear marked at ‘Keep out zones”.

  3. British people who come here and act like animals should expect to be treated like animals. They use Budapest as a place to escape from their own dry lives and think that because Hungary is smaller and tucked away deep in Europe, that they won’t be accountable for their actions.

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