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Activists of A Város Mindenkié (The City is For Everyone) and BKK (Bennfentes Kívülállók Közkórusa) performed a mutual singing at Saint Stephen’s Basilica on Friday as part of the demonstration chain. They were singing Christmas carols with rewritten lyrics to draw people’s attention to those who spend the Holidays outside on the streets on their own. The chorus that gathered under the #stopkilakoltatás (#stopeviction) campaign did not win the liking of the security guards of the advent market at Saint Stephen’s Basilica as they tried to dispatch them.

Merce.hu wrote about the protest, this is what Tessza Udvarhelyi, the activist of A Város Mindenkié (The City is For Everyone) said:

“The guard aggressively attacked us, they turned off the microphone, they pushed us and took away our banner, the guards were shouting, and they distorted the sound so that people cannot hear us.”

The security guard then, because the activists did not go away, called the police who, when they arrived at the location said that:

“We will not do anything, everyone should go back and sing.”

The next unit of policemen inquired about whether the chorus will be at the bigger demonstration, to which they said that it depends on the members’ own decision.



Here is a little excerpt from the song which the activists sang in translation:

Silent night, holy night

All is calm, all is bright

Round yon who sleeps on the streets

Holy Infant, they took it away

Sleep without home, dream about warmth


Silent night, holy night!

Policemen wake you up

Hear the sirens from afar

Go where no one can find you

This is only façade, inhumane laws.

You can follow up on the anti-government demonstrations on our site. For your convenience, here are two articles to read. Demonstration at Presidential Palace and the protest against Orbán Cabinet in the countryside.

Featured image: https://www.facebook.com/AVarosMindenkie/

Source: merce.hu

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