demonstration anti-government Kecskemét
Kecskemét, 2018. december 20. Kormányellenes tüntetés Kecskeméten 2018. december 20-án. MTI/Ujvári Sándor

Opposition parties and trade unions protested against recent government measures in three Hungarian cities in the countryside on Thursday.

In Zalaegerszeg, in western Hungary, demonstrators blocked half of a road for over three hours near an industrial park.

The demonstration jointly organised by Jobbik, the Socialist Party, the Democratic Coalition (DK), the LMP and the Metalworkers’ Union involved over thirty vehicles and protesters holding Hungarian and European Union flags, as well as party and trade union flags and posters with their demands.

Head of Jobbik’s local constituency Richárd Benke told a press conference that

this had been the first joint demonstration by the opposition parties in the city.

He said the “slave law”, the latest amendments to the labour code, had made them put aside their differences in opinion and ideologies and protest together in the interest of employees.

In Kecskemét, in central Hungary, DK, LMP, the Socialists, Jobbik, Momentum, unions and civic organisations held a car procession. They demanded the immediate withdrawal of the “slave law”, reduced overtime for police, independent courts, Hungary joining the European Prosecutor’s Office and independent public media.

In Békéscsaba, in south-eastern Hungary,

around hundred people gathered to demonstrate against the government in front of the editorial offices of the local daily.

Speakers from the Socialists, Jobbik, DK and the Liberals protested against the “fake news from the propaganda press and one-sided, misleading information supplies”.


Hungarian president Áder
Photo: MTI

Source: MTI

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  1. How can the opposition put aside their differences? They’re all a bunch of illiterate jackasses. There are no differences, including those that join ill-informed. But a whole hundred protesters? LMFAO!!

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