trebes terrorist attack
Trebes, 2018. március 23. A francia Országos Csendõrségi Beavatkozási Csoport (GIGN) egyik tagja (k) a Super U szupermarket épületénél a dél-franciaországi Carcassonne-tól keletre fekvõ Trebes településen, ahol legkevesebb két ember életét vesztette, amikor 2018. március 23-án egy fegyveres túszokat ejtett az üzletben. A rendõrök lelõtték a túszejtõt, aki azt állította, hogy az Iszlám Állam (IA) terrorszervezethez tartozik. (MTI/EPA/Sebastian Nogier)

Friday’s terrorist attack in southwestern France was the 28th such act committed by migrants in Europe over the past two and a half years, Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó has said. This, too, proves that “there is a very strong link between migration and terrorism,” he said.

Four people were killed and fifteen wounded in the attack, Szijjártó said on Saturday. The gunman was Moroccan by birth but became a French citizen at the age of 12, he noted. This was yet another attack committed by someone with a migration background, the minister added.

Szijjártó said some of the terrorists responsible for the attacks in Europe over the past two and a half years had arrived on the continent as illegal migrants. The rest were migrants who had arrived earlier and whose integration into European society had been a failure, he added.

“Instead of accepting European values, they became followers and disseminators of religious extremism,” Szijjártó said.

He said that in spite of the recent terrorist attacks, the United Nations still insists that migration facilitates progress.

Hungary, on the other hand, believes that “migration is not good or useful but very dangerous,” he said. “A national government has a duty to protect its citizens from it.”

The foreign ministry so far has no knowledge of any Hungarians affected by Friday’s attack, Szijjártó said.

He expressed his sympathies to France and said France can always count on Hungary in the fight against terror.

Photo: MTI/EPA/Sebastian Nogier

Source: MTI

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