An Ibizan nightclub called Heart opened in June. The restaurant-club offered started with such an exclusive offer that it got almost immediately chosen as 2015’s most exciting place in the paradise of the wealthiest western tourists, wrote.

The most famous chef of Spain, Ferran Adria and his brother are responsible for the kitchen, while Cirque du Soleil is responsible for all the visuals.

The restaurant has a terrace and different indoor halls, with different prices. The entry to the outside area where street food is offered is EUR 80 (HUF 25 thousand), and the drink consumption still comes to it. Inside, where Adriatic specialties are served next to the ongoing show provided by Cirque du Soleil, the food costs EUR 150 (HUF 46 thousand). Drinks are calculated separately. If someone stays longer to see one of the DJs invited from all over the world, one has to pay an additional EUR 50 (HUF 15 thousand).

Heart posted the new advertising video on its Facebook page on Tuesday, and it inadvertently had a Hungarian aspect as well.

Arpad Habony, the Prime Minister’s personal adviser and bodyguard also appears.

Heart Supper 2015 from HEART IBIZA on Vimeo.

The white-jacketed Habony, winking and sucking his nose, was cut into the movie several times, because the performance of the Cirque du Soleil took place just next to him in the expensive interior of the Heart.

According to, which presented the video for the first time, Hungarian entrepreneurs also believe Heart to be one of the trendiest places, since “there is a lot of cocaine there and even more whores”.

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Photo: Heartland Supper 2015 Video

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