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As summer is right around the corner, it is very much time to start planning our long-awaited summer holiday and book a nice room somewhere. For instance, in a small town or village around Lake Balaton.

Vaccination in Hungary is continuously going on; almost half of the population has received at least its first jab. The application for the immunity certificate is already online and downloadable, which will further ease the process of travelling around in the country, as all hotels and restaurants are obligated to ask for your little plastic card.

Hungary may be the first in Europe to return to normality 

You do not know where to travel this year, what new places to discover? Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, this year, we will experience a significant increase in prices practically everywhere in the country, as the hospitality sector needs to make up for last year’s lost profit. Worry not, Daily News Hungary brings you a little list of some adorable settlements from the northern coast of Lake Balaton where you can spend a lovely time with friends or family while not breaking the bank.

We start our little tour in the town of Balatonalmádi, situated in Veszprém county, quite close to the City of Queens. Balatonalmádi is the perfect mixture of relaxation and fun activities. Its attractive location makes it a popular tourist destination; however, you never have the overwhelming feeling of tourists stepping on each other’s feet. The beach and its surrounding area with the park in front of it were renovated several years ago, but it is beautifully maintained every year. Little restaurants and bistros situated on the edge of the beach are open for hungry tourist both from the inside and the outside of the beach.

Balatonalmádi – Facebook – Balatonalmádi Város

Balatonalmádi can be approached very easily, you have many options. Apart from getting in a car and driving all the way, the train actually stops right in front of the beach to make your travel even more convenient. Moreover, the bicycle path all around the lake also takes you to this lovely town. 

Facebook – Balatonalmádi Város

As we move to the west along the coast, we instantly arrive in Alsóörs. The small village is naturally less vibrant, but the view of the lake compensates for it. Also, due to its size and the fact that it is relatively unknown to foreign tourists, it is the perfect place in the case you would like to spend a cosier holiday with plenty of relaxation and some sports involved.

Alsóörs – Facebook – Szeretlek Balaton

Despite being a small village, Alsóörs counts several 3-star hotels that offer comfort and everything you could need during your stay, for very reasonable prices. The village offers many programs and events during the summer holidays, for instance, theatre spectacles performed in the world’s youngest amphitheatre that locals built at the beginning of the 2000s.

Facebook – Anita Hodosiné Takács

Moving on, we reach Tihany, a breathtaking village with an even more amazing view from inside the lake, as Tihany is situated on a peninsula. This peninsula is history itself. Its centrepiece is the Benedictine Tihany Abbey which was founded in 1055 by King András I, who is even buried in the crypt.

Tihany – Facebook – Tihany Hivatalos Oldala

Tihany is extremely popular among locals and those from the neighbouring counties, even among foreigners. Apart from the Abbey, the village of Tihany offers so many things to do and discover. Among others, the Doll Museum, the Lavender Festival organised in June, or the Inner Lake.

Gastronomical time travel in Tihany 

Tihany – Facebook – Tihany Hivatalos Oldala

After Tihany comes quite a jump to arrive in an adorable little village with a population of just over 1,000 people. Révfülöp is still situated in Veszprém county. For those outside of Hungary, it might be a completely unknown settlement; however, for Hungarians, and especially for the lovers of sports and swimming, Révfülöp is a very popular destination. It is the starting point of an annual, long-distance swimming race across Lake Balaton.

Révfülöp – Facebook – Varga Fejes Nikolett

Despite being a little settlement, Révfülöp has been standing in its place since Medieval times. Up until the 20th century, it was a local commercial and professional centre, with many speciality shops, restaurants, and hotels. Today, Révfölüp, together with Alsőörs, is the synonym of having a nice, long, and relaxing holiday with the possibility to discover the northern coast of Lake Balaton and its surrounding settlements, have an active day and a party at night, with plenty of silence the next morning to sleep it off.

Révfülöp – Facebook – Szakonyi Balázs

What town, village, or settlement of Lake Balaton will you discover this year? Tell us in the comments below!

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