Lake Balaton view collected all of the pleasure cruises you can take on lake Balaton this summer. The cruises depart from 18 different docks around the lake, so there is a good chance that no matter which city or town you are in, you can get on a boat somewhere nearby.

Since the summer train schedule is out, going to Balaton, even if only for a weekend, is the best thing anyone can do in this weather. At the end of each cruise, the boats bring you back to the starting point, so you do not need to worry about getting back home. During the cruises, you will have a chance of looking at the main sights of the waterfront, and you can enjoy the unique atmosphere of the great Hungarian sea.

For everyone

One of the cheapest pleasure cruises departs from Balatonfüred at night. It is a one-hour-long cruise for HUF 1350. There is a similar, one-hour-long cruise from Siófok that costs only HUF 1300.

There is also another boat departing from Balatonfüred, which is a two-hour cruise around the peninsula which costs HUF 2900. This is the most expensive pleasure cruise on the lake.

For the kids

There is also a so-called Pirate-Ship for children departing from Balatonfüred. Another cruise for the little ones is called Minimax which departs from three different docks: Balatonfüred, Badacsony and Siófok. On the boat, you can expect concerts, raffle and many-many games!

For adults

Romantic night-time pleasure cruises are departing from 10 different docks around the lake. These trips usually leave around half past 7 in the evening and stay on the lake until it gets dark. Guests are greeted with champagne or soda. It costs HUF 2000.

A boat departing from Keszthely takes you to Badacsony where you can have an hour to wander around or go to a wine-tasting (strongly advised), then the boat takes you back to Keszthely at the end. The wine cruise costs HUF 2710, and it lasts approximately four hours.

Mastercard’s options

With Mastercard’s Party Boat, you can also take a two-and-a-half-hour-long trip which is basically a floating with music, drinks and fireworks.

Mastercard also has a Varászhajó [Magic Boat] for the kids with pirates and magicians on board. The one-hour-long cruise starts from 10 different cities and offers a variety of games and shows for the youngest members of the family.


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