Budapest, February 14 (MTI) – Prime Minister Viktor Orban and Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto briefed officials of parliamentary parties on Saturday on recent developments in the conflict in Ukraine.
Orban held talks in Kiev with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko on Friday and said Hungary’s interests lay with peace in the region.
The geopolitical situation which has emerged around Hungary is cause for regular consultations with parliamentary parties, Szijjarto told MTI on Saturday. He said the party officials had been briefed about Ukraine’s continued need for assistance to achieve political and economic stability.
“Aid to Ukraine must be continued,” Szijjarto said, noting that Hungary had so far extended 100,000 euros to help operate the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe’s mission in Ukraine where 21 Hungarian officials also serve. In addition, humanitarian aid of 100 million forints (EUR 327,000) have been extended to Ukraine for dealing with internal refugee movements and 340 million forints for the operation of institutions in Transcarpathia, which has a Hungarian community.
The government asked the opposition to support efforts to strengthen the alliance with the United States.

“Hungary has improved its political ties and cooperation with the US and plans to take further steps to raise economic and defence cooperation to their earlier levels,” Szijjarto said in a statement.

The government also raised the possibility of further increasing Hungary’s contribution to military stability in Kurdistan, he said.

The prime minister also asked for support to develop the current “pragmatic cooperation with Russia” so that agreements may be concluded on important economic issues, the statement said.

Photo: MTI


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