According to, Air Malta will not run any flights between Budapest and Valetta in the summer period, the already scheduled flights have been removed, and passengers have been informed about the changes.

Air Malta is the second company to leave Hungary after the Portuguese airline TAP has recently cancelled its Budapest flight. Similarly to the previous year, Air Malta would have run two flights per week on the Budapest-Valetta route during the summer.

The airline has not yet released an official announcement, but the flights are already cancelled and removed from the system, and all the bookings have been rescheduled to other flights, of which many of the passengers were informed via e-mail during the weekend. reached out to Tensi Aviation Ltd. which officially represents Air Malta in Hungary, and they confirmed that there will be no Air Malta flights between Valetta and Budapest during the summer. According to their information, the airline is currently undergoing several changes and they are terminating many flights, including the ones from Budapest to Valetta.

One of the most possible reasons of their depart might be the increased number of flights from Budapest to Malta by Wizz Air and Ryanair, which highly decreased the number of Air Malta bookings in Hungary.

Unlike TAP Portugal, Air Malta will still be represented in Hungary in the future, by Tensi Aviation Ltd. The company will inform its passengers about the changes and the possibilities (getting a refund, or change flights and then passengers have to transfer in Wien, or in Munich e.g.) as soon as Air Malta releases an official statement.

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