Death rates from air pollution in Hungary are the second highest in the world, reports. The data is higher only in China.

The statistics are based on the number of death from heart disease, stroke, lung cancer, or bronchitis that could be caused by air pollution, statistics of the OECD revealed.

In China, 953.7 deaths out of 1 million can be attributed to air pollution. In Hungary, this number is 953.6, the highest among the European members of OECD. Hungary overtook even India, a country with notoriously bad air.

Infographic: Europe Matches Asian Giants In Air Pollution Deaths | Statista

You will find more statistics at Statista

The situation has improved since 2005, but even today more people die of air pollution related diseases than, for instance, contaminated water. In 2013, 5.5 million people worldwide died of air pollution, out of which 1.6 million were in China, 1.4 million in India, and more than 9,000 in Hungary, which is a very high number when correlated to less than 10 million citizens.

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