Canadian airline Air Transat has recently launched a direct flight between Budapest and Toronto, writes.

The seasonal flights will operate between 2 June and 13 October. Planes will depart from Budapest on Thursdays and from Toronto on Wednesdays. Air Transat has excellent connections from Toronto to Montreal and Vancouver, too.

The airline belongs to the Transat group of companies, which is one of the biggest Canadian holiday travel airlines. Air Transat has flights to 30 countries and 60 destinations, and was voted North America’s Best Leisure Airline in 2015.

One of the most special services of the airline is the computer operated cabin lighting, which can create 1 million different colour combinations, and chooses the one which is the most fitting for the eyes depending on where and when the travel takes place.

Usually four colour combinations are used: one for departing, one for servicing food, one during the night and sleeping, and one in the morning. Choosing the most appropriate colour for travelling can help passengers overcome jetlag. also collected 10 reasons why tourists should choose Air Transat:

  1. The airline provides a direct flight between Budapest and Canada
  2. Benefits and leisure services provided by the Club Class
  3. The Option Plus service provides extra benefits for passengers choosing the Economy Class
  4. Ergonomic cabins with special seats and cabin lighting
  5. Customizable entertainment system aboard
  6. Wide range of food menus
  7. Friendly staff and attentive service
  8. Luggages are free of charge up to 23 kg
  9. Family programs
  10. Competitive all-inclusive prices

Photo: Air Transat’s Facebook page

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