Alexandra Borbély played the main characted in On Body and Soul and now received the award for best actress on Saturday in Berlin at the European Film Awards ceremony, as reports

When receiving the award, she could not find words although she had her speech written down. She was fighting her tears, with her voice breaking, she was unable to read it out. She also added that she had won awards as a theatre actress before, but it was her first one as a movie actress, which was partly the reason why she was so touched.

A few days ago, director Ildikó Enyedi told Magyar Narancs she would like best if Alexandra Borbély, who played the female main character in On Body and Soul would be awarded at the European Film Awards in Berlin. The actress, after having gathered herself a little on the stage, expressed her gratitude to Ildikó Enyedi. She did not forget to mention how thankful she was to her family, who supported her in everything. She thanked everyone, while the camera showed Ervin Nagy, her boyfriend, another actor from the same movie, who was jumping from joy.

The huge value of the award seems even bigger if we take into consideration that such famous actresses were nominated as Juliette Binoche or the Oscar-nominee Isabelle Huppert. Paula Beer (for the movie Frantz by Francois Ozon) and Florence Pough (Lady Machbeth) were also nominated for the award.

On Body and Soul was made after a long break: Ildikó Enyedi did not get any funds for a length feature movie for eighteen years, but she admitted she could only blame herself for that.

The movie is Hungary’s nominee for the Oscars, but after its world premiere, it won Berlinale Grand Prize and has been winning on festivals ever since.

Trademark rights have been sold to 91 countries. It is distributed by Netflix in the US.

The story takes place in a slaughterhouse where it turns out that the director and the quality controller (who has autistic personality traits) have been dreaming the same dream for a while: in their dreams they are a couple, in forms of deers. In contrast, they struggle finding the way to each other in real life.

The movie was seen by almost 90 thousand viewers in Hungary, which is outstanding in its genre. In Germany, it has a great fan base too, and Ildikó Enyedi believes it can be the art movie of the year in Europe.

The European Film Academy Awards (“European Oscars”) were given out for the 30th time this year. The event has never been as exciting for Hungarians as this year: A short animated movie by Réka Bucsi, Love, was also among the nominees in the short film category.

On Body and Soul was nominated in more categories, than any other Hungarian movie before.

Besides the best European actress, it was nominated in the category of best European movie, best director and best screenwriter, too. The European Film Academy made a quite strange decision: the Swedish movie The Square received five awards.

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