writes that in regard of the great success, the Ferenc Puskás exhibition in the National Football Museum of Manchester has been extended until the end of March. Up to the present, almost 250 thousand people were interested in visiting the exihibtion that honours one of the greatest shotmakers in the world.

According to, the receptive institution is the operator of the collection, and they extended the exhibition by two months with the permission of the Puskás Institution. The exhibition, which opened in September, had more than 150 thousand visitiors up till Christmas and this number grew to 235 644 visitors until the end of February.


They exhibit almost 70 invaluable relics in the Football Museum which include – among others – the flag which was given to Ferenc Puskás by the English skipper David Wright in Népstadion at the beginning of the match that ended in a 7-1 Hungarian win on the 23rd of May, 1954. Visitors can also take a look at Puskás’s Olympic gold medal, World Championships silver medal, the shoes that he wore in the final of the Helsinki Olympic Games, his Real Madrid dress, Pichichi trophies which are awarded to the top scorer of the Spanish League, cups of the Spanish Champions, smaller versions of European Champion Clubs’ Cup, the FIFA order and the FIFA Puskás award.



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