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The world-famous Herend porcelain is going to be featured in an exhibition opening in Madrid. This is the first time the Hungarian artefacts have made it to Spain since the manufactury was set up nearly 200 years ago. Now, 300 pieces of Herend porcelain will be displayed for people to see in Madrid – reports nlcafe.hu.

The Hungarian porcelain-focused exhibition is going to open next Tuesday, under the title Herend: the Art of Hungarian Porcelain – Timeless elegance. Visitors of Madrid’s National Museum of Decorative Arts can marvel at over 300 pieces of handcrafted artefacts, coming from the rich history of the Hungarian manufactury.

The Hungarian embassy in Madrid helped to bring about the exhibition, where visitors can learn about the fascinating history of the Herend manufactury as well as the technologies involved in porcelain-making.

However, some of the most striking aspects of the exhibition are the diverse shapes and vibrant colours that greet visitors.

You can also check out a video about Herend porcelains here:

The Herend porcelain manufactory

Nowadays, the handcrafted porcelain manufactury offers over 16 thousand shapes with about 4 thousand different patterns. The company, founded 192 years ago at the foot of the Bakony, produces around 350-400 new products every year, which get exported to over 60 countries. It is the largest porcelain manufactury in the world.

Porcelain painting is a lengthy process and has many stages. First, the objects are glazed, then fired again, in order to give them their glistening shiny look. Porcelain paints have a powdered base, and it is the addition of turpentine and the so-called thick oil that makes them processable and ready to use. For Herend porcelains, the contours of the decorations are often drawn with a pen first.

Porcelain painting needs precision and patience, that means a steady hand and a special brush, made out of squirrel hair, are essential for the tiniest details.

For the golden patterns, real gold is used.

Another interesting fact is that, in 2013, when British Crown Prince George was born, Hungary’s present for the royal family was a set of Herend porcelain.

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Featured image: facebook.com/Herendporcelan

Source: nlcafe.hu, herend.com

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