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Renáta Rákóczi, a Hungarian kick-boxer became a professional World Champion in Elverum, Norway. The Hungarian champion was flushed with joy after the competition, as reports.

The professional Hungarian World Champion, Renáta Rákóczi could prove her abilities in Elverum, Norway at the WAKO Pro World Championships. The champion successfully won the contest against Kristin Vollstadt, a former World Champion from Norway. Her result is especially outstanding because she was the first to compete and win in the new, 12-round system of kick-box.


The kick-box world organisation, WAKO has recently initiated a new regulation: from now on, both men and women have to compete in 12 rounds in the world championships. Renáta Rákóczi was the first to win the championships in such trying circumstances, which makes her success even more significant in terms of sports history.

Winning the championship was the triumph of her life, as the champion expressed following the contest.

“I was highly self-confident, even though formerly my lack of confidence was the biggest obstacle I had to overcome. However, I went to the ring with the idea that I simply cannot lose this competition. I believe I have exceeded the Norwegian contester both technically and mentally, so when we finished the third round, I could feel that she is afraid of me.” – told the champion in an interview.


“This title is such a big deal that at first when we got the opportunity, I hesitated because the success felt distant and I did not know whether I am ready for this. Afterwards, when it became certain that we are going to participate, I started to get the flow of things, and now I am extremely happy that it worked out like this.”

According to Gábor Juhász, the champion’s coach and vice-president of the Hungarian Boxing Association, Renáta’s success is to be understood not only as her success, but also as the success of the Hungarian kick-box scene.

“Fortunately Reni was able to handle stress very well, but the fact that we trained a lot during the summer has indeed contributed to the success against a former world champion. We trained two times a day, thanks to Reni, who was so committed that she got up at 5 am every day so that we could train more.” – shared Gábor Juhász following the successful competition.

Besides this great victory, Hungary excelled in hosting the AIBA Youth World Championships this year in August. Hungary was also successful in the WAKO World Kickboxing Championship last year, where we collected 15 gold, 7 silver and 7 bronze medals.

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