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Amazing! Smart hotel to open in Budapest – Photos

Amazing! Smart hotel to open in Budapest – Photos

Eurostarts Hotel Company has opened a new, four-star hotel in Budapest, Szeretlekmagyarorszá reports. The new hotel is called Exe Danube Hotel, and is one of the first hotels in Hungary where Guest Room Automation System is operating. The system is convenient to use (without actually using anything) and it is energy-saving.

What does this really mean? This system controls heating, air-conditioning, electric devices and lighting in a way that guests do not have to use the room card. The system perceives if there is someone in the room, whether someone moves, or whether the guests are sleeping, and controls the heating accordingly, unless the guest sets it otherwise.

Beside convenience, Szeretlekmagyarorszá notes, smart rooms are advantageous for minimizing energy consumption, thus they are cost-effective, and adjust to climate change perfectly.

Exe Danube Hotel is situated in the city centre, in Asbóth street, in the heart of the 7th district full of excellent pubs. The hotel is housed in a renovated office block where classic art deco style is met with modern needs.

Behind the front, an elegant and bright space is welcoming tourists. There are 60 standard, 36 comfort and 5 superior rooms in the hotel, Szeretlekmagyarorszá writes.

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