According to, the 11th grade students of the Budapest Piarist High School made a special video about Lake Balaton from a height of 24 kilometres. Have you ever seen the “Hungarian Sea” from space? 🙂

The 11th grade students of the Budapest Piarist High School let up a balloon filled with helium into the stratosphere from the coast of Lake Belső in Tihany. They chose this location intentionally as they knew that the video shots would be the best from there.

The students started their research programme in September. They bought the balloon from the Hungarian Meteorological Service with the help of the Piarist Students’ Association. They did a lot of preparation for the scientific experiment.

The camera of the balloon designed for unique stratospheric take-offs took spectacular shots of the neighbourhood of the lake. Meanwhile, its devices recorded the temperature, air pressure, and the concentration rate of methane and carbon-dioxide.

The special balloon camera landed 102 kilometres away from the place where it took off. The boys found it near a road in the vicinity of Szekszárd.

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