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According to the Nigerian Embassy, Fidesz uses unverified data about their country to achieve their propaganda agenda. Magyar Nemzet reported on the embassy’s statement.

Fidesz aims to scare everybody

A couple of days ago the Nigerian Embassy issued a public statement regarding an election forum held by Péter Hoppál, Fidesz MP candidate in Kozármisleny, Baranya county. According to Magyar Nemzet, Mr Hoppál and his guest Mr Zoltán Lomnici, spokesperson of the Civic Union Public Benefit Foundation

scared the audience with

100 million (80% of the population) Nigerians currently living with AIDS and other exotic diseases. Furthermore, they emphasised that migrants from the country can infect Hungarians with such illnesses. According to the embassy’s statement, Mr Lomnici attributed this data to a statement by Dr Miklós Kásler at a different forum in which he was present. Dr Kásler is currently Head of the National Institute of Oncology and member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

However, the Embassy of Nigeria strongly refutes this data. They wrote that ‘based on data from World Health Organization and UNAIDS respectively, an estimated 3.2 million Nigerians is living with HIV. This figure represents

1.7% of the total population of Nigeria (186,000,000) as against 80%

of the population, as referenced by Mr Kásler’ – they added.

The Nigerian ambassador demands retraction

The Nigerian Embassy stated that they regard Lomnici’s and Kásler’s statements preposterous, careless, frivolous and defamatory. Furthermore, they emphasise that they only used this false data to

‘influence the Hungarian public perception of Nigeria with the aim of achieving their propaganda agenda.’ 

Thus, they demand them to retract their false statement. Furthermore, they hope that next time they will be better informed and guided ‘before making such inflammatory and derogatory remarks.

In fact, at the end of the forum in Kozármisleny Balázs Berkecz, vice-chair of Together Party (Együtt) tried to ask questions from MP candidate Hoppál. However, Fidesz supporters fell upon him, so the forum ended with jostling.

The original letter

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  1. who cares what the Nigerians think. I wouldn’t step one toe in that country.

  2. This is Nigeria? This is the most corrupt country in the world:? This is the greatests reveiver of finiancial aid from the world? And it is this country this that is speaking these world of gratitute to developped countries that are helping Nigerians, a country where day in day out people are killed because of a differetent believe? Come – on!

  3. 3.2 million vs 100 milliion, they don’t know it yet, but there’s no cure and at their rate, the 100 million will be correct soon anyway. So good luck with trying to interfere will foreign politics, your all done!

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