The Endless Adventure tried three of the best dishes from Budapest, Hungary! These foods range from the sweet to savory and will definitely give you some culinary inspiration for foods to try in Budapest. Let’s watch this 6 minutes video here:

Hungarians like to say and believe that the Hungarian cuisine is world-famous. Its uniqueness is undoubted, and we sure like to talk about it with pride. Trying out traditional Hungarian dishes is strongly recommended, this is why collected six restaurants where you can’t go wrong with the selection.

As we wrote before, many people, especially Hungarians, consider Hungarian cuisine to be simple. Onions, paprika, a lot of carbohydrate, simple! But, let us be honest! Even the highly praised Italian cuisine does not work with complex flavours and nor can its dishes be considered calorie-free: just think of pizza! It is the fresh ingredients and careful preparation that makes it so good. That applies to good Hungarian cuisine, too!

Source: The Endless Adventure

  1. PAPRIKA is the “red” stuff in the gulyás! It’s a SOUP not a stew!

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