Hungarians like to say and believe that the Hungarian cuisine is world-famous. Its uniqueness is undoubted, and we sure like to talk about it with pride. Trying out traditional Hungarian dishes is strongly recommended, this is why collected six restaurants where you can’t go wrong with the selection.

Magyar QTR

You can find an exceptional restaurant along the Pest quay: Magyar QTR welcomes guests with Hungarian dishes, the wines of local producers, a wide selection of pálinka and a beautiful panorama of the Gellért Mountain. The restaurant went through significant changes two years ago: besides a complete renovation, its name was changed from Gepárd & Űrhajó Bolyki Wine Bistro. Even though the atmosphere has changed, the quality of the meals and the kindness of the staff stayed the same.


Terv Presszó

The place loved by both locals and tourists can be found a few corners away from Deák Ferenc Square. The restaurant found in the heart of the city looks back on a long history. It was opened in 1954 and it instantly became the meeting point of local artists. Its attractiveness hasn’t decreased, in fact, it has found new admirers thanks to tourists interested in Hungarian flavours. Visit Terv Presszó (Plan Presso) and enjoy the retro atmosphere while eating a divine goulash, chicken paprikash or stew.


Lángos Papa

The Hungarian cuisine is known for its diversity even overseas: while most tourists are averse from our juicy stuffed cabbage and fatty stews, there’s one curiosity that no foreigner can say no to. It is lángos, which is made perfectly in Lángos Papa found on Andrássy Avenue. The crust is crunchy, while the toppings are rich in flavour. Perfect combo!


Tulipán Bistro

This bistro has been operating near the Parliament since 1964. The creation of a familiar atmosphere was a main aspect from the beginning, and it still dominates the place. In Tulipán (Tulip), you can taste the most delicious meals of the Hungarian cuisine. Their specialty is the red wine stew made with crispy beef, juniper berry, plum and homemade noodles. The interior is decorated with different instruments and antique objects. Having lunch on their lovely terrace is so great that you’ll definitely want to return.



The Budapest street food scene has a new character in the neighbourhood of the Arany János Street metro station: the staff of Vágódeszka (Cutting Board) reconsidered the concept of Hungarian sausages and dressed them up in a modern way. Thanks to the wide selection, everyone will find something to try. One of the best choices is Robuci, which combines Hungarian lecsó with some sausage. And once we’re at the topic of lecsó…



The place named after the popular Hungarian dish welcomes guests with lunch and dinner. In the day, it functions as a self-service fast food restaurant, so that everyone can grab a quick meal in their lunch break. Their lunches include soups, stews, roasted meats and fish, pasta dishes and of course, lecsó. From 7 pm, guests can order from a menu, which lists more than 100 dishes. It’s no surprise that you can try all types of traditional Hungarian meals in Lecsó. They don’t skimp the food, there portions are quite big, the prices are affordable and the staff is attentive.óÉtterem

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