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Don’t you know where to go with your friends and colleagues when it is freezing outside? collected you 8 new places in Budapest including restaurants, bars, cafés and bakeries which you can visit to warm up a little bit.

Are you hungry or do you need a drink, but you do not want to go to your regular place? Here is a list of the best pubs and restaurants recently opened in the capital that have something to offer to everyone.

1. MASH Pub & Bar (1072 Budapest, Rákóczi Street 26)

In Rákóczi Street, a new pub was opened rightly opposite to Uránia. The new place welcomes visitors in a 2-storey building with a wide selection of beverages, friendly bartenders, cosy atmosphere and lovely music every day during the week. If you want to order a bottle of beer in the company of your mates or you want to get into a mood for partying, MASH Pub & Bar is the perfect choice.

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2. Sushiroll (1082, Corvin promenade 1/b)

The 1st street food offering sushi for customers was opened in January in Budapest overlooking the Corvin promenade.

The idea of sushi street food came from Kinga Schafer, the owner, after she had spent 3 years in Melbourne where a place like this is found at every corner.

Therefore, arriving home, she started to collaborate with two other entrepreneurs and a foreign sushi chef and opened the sushi heaven of Budapest. Try their sushi rolls on the spot or choose from the various nigiri, inari and soup offers! 🙂

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3. Café Delion Bistro (1053 Budapest, Ráday Street 11-13)

This special place was born by the fusion of the Kálvin Gastro Bistro and the Balázs Café & Bistro in Ráday Street, also called the Soho of Budapest. On weekdays, the place offers substantial Hungarian courses stylishly served, and all the dishes are made from fresh ingredients. In the evenings and at weekends, several wines and handcraft beers are waiting for those longing for letting their hair down.

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4. Paletta Budapest (1094 Budapest, Tompa Street 28)

After two successful gastro investments, Dániel Bezerics opened the representative of his Paletta empire in Budapest as well.

Visitors can enjoy the great atmosphere by drinking the best bottles of wine of the Balaton vineyards.

The place also offers bistro courses with such masterpieces as the pulled carp, the deer wine soup, the sturgeon of Keszthely or the escalope made from Fledermaus.

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5. Waffle Dog (1072, Budapest, Klauzál Square 10)

The 1st Poffertjes of Budapest, the Waffle Dog, is opened in the capital offering salty and sweet Dutch mini pancakes.

Besides the gastronomical treasure of the Netherlands, this place also offers waffles, the favourites of the Benelux countries.

However, where the speciality of these foods lies is how they are served. In fact, they are served on sticks which make them similar to hotdogs, and their flavours vary from that of the Snickers to the Hungarian favourite, Túró Rudi. And if you might wonder if there are any salty sweets as well, the owner lets you know that they are coming soon! 🙂

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6. Karaván (1075 Budapest, Kazinczy Street 18)

After a 2-month break, the number one outside street food garden of Budapest, Karaván, welcomes visitors again in the heart of the party district. Originally, they wanted to put up a small stand selling lángos, but eventually, the garden located in the proximity of Szimpla Kert now gives home to 12 stands serving diverse foods for visitors.

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7. Vígvarjú Restaurant (1051 Budapest, Vigadó Square 2)

The Vígvarjú Restaurant, the sister company of the Vakvarjú Restaurant, is located in the stunning building of the Vigadó. It welcomes customers in the neoclassical, elegant hall of Vigadó with 3-course meals between 11:30 and 3 p.m., but visitors can choose from the á la carte offers serving typical Hungarian dishes like the goulash and the Somló sponge cake. Offering a playing corner for kids, this restaurant is a perfect choice for the whole family.

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8. White Rabbit Brewery (1095 Budapest, Soroksári Street 110)

In the proximity of the Rákóczi Bridge, the White Rabbit Brewery, well-known for its brand for quite a long time, now offers a place to sit into for those longing for great beers. The brewery is located in a spacious factory building where a wide variety of beers can be chosen from the black IPA to the citrus-flavoured Rafa. If you are in a mood for great drinks, don’t forget to visit this place!

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