According to, the Parliament has adopted the Gambling Act amending proposal edited by Erik Banki and Imre Vas Fidesz MPs. It says Andy Vajna and billionaire Gabor Szima from Debrecen can start online casinos – totally free, they don’t have to pay concession fee for the state.

On Monday, the National Assembly has created the detailed legislative rules of online casino game, the amendment was accepted by 126 votes against 65.

According to the law, remote gamble, ie online sports betting – except for horse race betting – can only be organized by Szerencsejatek Zrt. In the case of horse race betting, only the wholly state-owned Magyar Loversenyfogadast Szervezo KFt can organize remote gamble.

The online casino game, which is separate from these, can be organized only by the concession holder of the Hungarian casino operations, who can carry out the arrangement of the online casino games via the concession company established for casino game organization.

Currently, Andy Vajna and billionaire Gabor Szima from Debrecen, the majority shareholder of DVSC Futball Zrt, own casino concessions, so their companies can organize online casinos as well – wrote.

According to, Gabor Szima has HUF 5.6 billion estimated assets in the 100 richest Hungarians 2015 publication. Szima got 2 concessions, in Debrecen and in Nyiregyhaza.

Government representative for Film Industry Andy Vajna won 5 casino concessions by his firms – so the two businessmen currently control the entire Hungarian casino market.

Erik Banki initially proposed that the national tax authority approve only up to 2 casino operations. By adopting the amendment it was modified in such a way that the tax authority can approve all of the 11 companies entitled to game concession to organize online casino games.

Online casino licenses can be issued to the duration of the traditional casino games. This means up to 10 year-organizational opportunities.

By the summarizing amendment proposal, it has also been made clear that the organization of online casino game is part of the license of the traditional casino organizer, so he doesn’t need to pay for it. The amendment shall enter into force on October 1.

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