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After Hungarian-born media mogul Andy Vajna died this January, his 37-year-old widow, Tímea Vajna, decided to leave Hungary and move to the United States. She is currently residing in California. She did not have to spend the holidays alone in the States because Arnold Schwarzenegger invited her to his Christmas party.

Arnold Schwarzenegger made sure that Andy Vajna’s widow was not alone during her first Christmas without Andy.

Great friends

Schwarzenegger and Vajna were not only colleagues but best friends for thirty years. Vajna reported several times that he made many new friends in Hollywood. He first met Schwarzenegger in 1990 while he was shooting Total Recall. Their friendship was affected neither by time nor distance. Schwarzenegger visited Vajna and his wife in Hungary many times, and he was shocked by the Hungarian producer’s sudden passing.

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Dinner with @schwarzenegger 🤗 He looks soooo goood! And his little rescued dog 💖 #actor #producer #meeting #terminator #arnold #schwarzenegger

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Seems like even after Vajna’s passing, Schwarzenegger does not plan on neglecting this friendship. He not only attended and gave a speech at Andy Vajna’s funeral, but he even invited his widow over at Christmas. Schwarzenegger organised a massive Hollywood get together on 25 December.

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Mivel a Szentestét egyedül töltöttem, így ezzel az Arnold Xmas Partyján készült képpel szeretnék Mindenkinek Kellemes Ünnepeket kívánni és remélem, hogy 2020 Mindenkinek szerencsét és sok boldog pillanatot hoz 🙏 #happyholidays #merrychristmas

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Several famous directors and producers were invited to this party. Clint Eastwood and Sylvester Stallone were also there, among many other stars. Tímea Vajna told Blikk:

“Arnold and I are constantly in touch. We often talk on the phone and exchange emails. I can say that we are friends, and this is why I was invited to this special occasion. It meant a great deal to me that he was thinking of me, and I can always count on him at difficult times.”

Tímea Vajna made Forbes’s top 50 wealthiest Hungarians list

After six years, it is the first time that a woman got featured in the top 50. After receiving Hungarian media mogul Andy Vajna’s heritage, who passed away this January, his widowed wife Tímea Vajna is the first woman under 40 who got featured on the list. Her wealth is estimated to be around 37 billion HUF (108 million EUR).

Source:; Daily News Hungary

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  1. Merry Christmas to both and hope they have a great time. Come to Australia if your bord.

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