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The Hungarian film producer and media mogul’s best and closest friend Arnold Schwarzenegger is reportedly giving a speech at Vajna’s funeral to commemorate the legendary producer’s life and work in the film industry.

Blikk reported that the movie star said yes when he was asked to attend the funeral at the Fiumei Cemetery in Budapest.

Blikk also got the information that the representatives of the Hungarian government and several big names from the film industry will attend the funeral.

Schwarzenegger and Vajna were not only colleagues but best friends for thirty years and that is why he was asked to give a speech. Vajna reported several times that he made many new friends in Hollywood.

He first met with Schwarzenegger in 1990 while he was shooting the movie Total Recall and their friendship has not been affected by time or distance. Schwarzenegger visited Vajna in Hungary many times and he was shocked when the Hungarian producer suddenly passed away. He commemorated him on his official Twitter account.

Another close friend of Vajna was Antonio Banderas who he met on the set of the 1996 musical film Evita which also starred Madonna. During the past years, they not only worked together but Banderas even attended Vajna’s wedding in 2013.

Vajna reported once that he can rely on these two men because they always pick up the phone and always help when he is in need, so it is not unlikely that Banderas will attend his funeral as well.

Ibolya Görög protocol expert explained to Blikk that it is the commission which determines who is going to be invited. Family members are going to sit on the right side and politicians and other guests on the left side. The family’s wreath is going to be placed in the centre and on its right the state’s and on its left the Hungarian National Film Fund’s. An organiser – along with the family – will organise the funeral and arrearage the speeches.

Because of the many honourable and important guests, the location of the funeral will be observed by security units.

Last week a commemoration was held in Los Angeles where his friends and colleagues watched his most successful film in a cinema in Santa Monica where his personal assistant and other friends of his described personal stories and emphasised that he was an important member of the film industry and it is still hard to believe that he is gone.

Schwarzenegger, Vajna, friends, old

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