The Terminator had a difficult childhood which explains why he was overcome by emotion. Patrick Schwarzenegger turned 25 on 18 September, and since his dad is now in Budapest filming the sixth instalment of the Terminator franchise he wished his son a happy birthday from Budapest – reported

A difficult childhood

The 71 years old Hollywood star wrote on the Instagram that he loves him and he is very proud of him. “I love watching you grow into a great leading man, a fantastic business mind, and an even better human being.” – wrote Schwarzenegger under the childhood photo he posted.

The Terminator had a difficult childhood because his dad wanted him to become a police officer and

regularly bet him up with a belt.

Thus, Arnold wanted to become strong and flew to the USA with, allegedly, only 20 dollars in his pocket to work there first as a bricklayer. Then he won seven Mr Olimpia titles which were followed by world-famous films and a successful political career during which many thought about changing the American constitution to let the Austrian Oak run for the presidency of the world power.

In contrast, his son is already a famous actor, e.g. he got the leading role alongside Bella Thorne in the Midnight Sun. Here you can watch the trailer:

In fact, according to a photo Schwarzenegger posted yesterday, the Terminator finally celebrated his son’s birthday together with Patrick in Munich at Oktoberfest.

As we already reported, the Austrian Oak is filming now the sixth instalment of the Terminator franchise in Hungary. However, he also spends quality time in the country.

For example, he went on bicycle tours in Budapest and was shocked by a floating bus in the Danube River. Furthermore, he also met a Hungarian powerlifter who gave him back a trophy he won on the Mr Universe competition in 1969, London. In September, he visited Lake Balaton where

he tried the world famous Hungarian lecsó (similar to the French ratatouille)

and tasted wine at a local restaurant. But the former governor of California met the Hungarian celeb Tímea Vajna, as well.

Of course, he does not miss a workout even in Budapest. Here is a collection of videos showing how he trains in the Hungarian capital:

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